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Public Works Integrity Leadership Training

Public Works Integrity Leadership Training Programme

Public Works Integrity Leadership Training


Course Overview

Corruption in the public works often leads to poor quality of construction works, posing risks to public safety. Even when the defects are identified at early stage, additional budget and time are required for remedial work, resulting in higher construction costs. Implementing an effective integrity management system is crucial to ensure that construction companies and professionals adhere to laws and regulations, uphold integrity and reputation, and promote sustainability. As such, the HKIAAC organises customized training courses for senior managers of construction companies and consultant firms involved in public works to establish effective integrity management system in their organisations.


What We Offer
The training course covers a range of essential topics related to corruption prevention and integrity management within the construction industry, including:


  • Corruption, fraud, and related offences in the construction industry.
  • Techniques for detecting, reporting, and handling suspected corruption cases.
  • Implementing effective anti-corruption measures through governance, integrity risk management, and anti-corruption controls.
  • Fostering an ethical corporate culture to mitigate non-compliance risks.
  • Tour to the facilities of the Operations Department of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).



2 days


Who Should Attend 

The course is targeted for senior managers of construction companies and consultant firms involved in public works


How to Enrol 

The HKIAAC will invite construction companies and consultant firms to nominate course participants