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Organization Structure

Hong Kong International Academy Against Corruption

Director of Academy

School of Professional

Deputy Director of Academy
(Professional Development)

Training and Development

Chief Academy Officer (Training and Development)

Academy Administration

Senior Staff Officer (Academy)

School of International

Deputy Director of Academy
(International Training)

International Training

Chief Academy Officer (International Training)

Centre of Anti-Corruption

Chief Academy Officer (Anti-Corruption Studies)


our strengths

  • One Country, 

    Two Systems 

    One Country,
    Two Systems

    Under "One Country, Two Systems", the HKSAR enjoys a high degree of autonomy in all matters except foreign affairs and national defence. This allows the HKSAR to serve as a bridge between our country and the rest of the world.

  • The Rule 

    of Law 

    The Rule of Law

    With a prevailing culture of integrity and a robust anti-corruption regime, the HKSAR is globally recognised for its solid foundation of the rule of law. Our legal system is mature, highly transparent, fair and reliable.

  •  Practical Experience

    in the  Fight

    Against Corruption 

    Practical Experience in the Fight Against Corruption

    As one of the least corrupt places in the world, the HKSAR has successfully demonstrated that corruption can be contained. Being a forerunner in the anti-corruption cause, the ICAC is ready to share its practical experience with the international community.